Custom Post Types


We are an Ibiza-based design company, we breath music every day, and we know exactly what you need to make your website awesome.

This is not a theme made by simple coders, is a theme built from people who lives the music business from the inside. Our aim is to delivery the perfect theme for every music-related business, should it be a single artist, dj, band, club, agency or whatever else.

All you need, out of the box!

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Artist Post Type

  • Header banner
  • Profile picture
  • Auto track list
  • Videos
  • Biography
  • Booking contacts
  • Tabs layout
  • Social Icons
  • Linked form tracks
  • Random Artist Widget
  • Featured Artist Widget
  • Ordered Artists Widget

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Release Post Type

  • Squared featured image
  • Infinite tracks with mp3 preview
  • Soundcloud preview
  • Youtube preview
  • Infinite artists per track
  • Infinite buy links
  • Single track buy link
  • Release Date, Label, Catalog
  • Release genres taxonomy
  • Genre-specific archives
  • Auto-link to artists
  • Release Widget

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Podcast Post Type

  • Mixcloud channel importer
  • Mixcloud tags to Post filters
  • Filterable archive
  • Exclusive “Play From Archive”
  • Genre-specific archives
  • Lightbox cover zoom
  • Mixcloud/Soundcloud/MP3
  • Podcast filters
  • Squared Podcast Cover
  • Homepage podcast module
  • Responsive layout
  • Podcast Widget

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Event Post Type

  • Featured image
  • Cool event archive list
  • Custom event fields
  • Clean details table
  • Google Map Location
  • Event Date
  • Facebook Event link
  • Facebook Comments
  • Auto YouTube Embed
  • Event Custom Taxonomy
  • Taxonomy Archives
  • Events widget

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